New Here?

Welcome.!!  Visiting a church for the first time can be daunting.  You may have questions about what to expect when you arrive.  We hope the information here will help you upon your first visit.  Our goal is to give everyone a warm welcome and make your visit a blessing.  

Discover our

Faith Building Plan


To Know

We want everyone involved as much as possible. In order to get started please make sure you meet these check points.

  • Pick the ministry that best fits you

  • ​Make sure you are available for the specific time


To Grow

Once you pick out a ministry that is best for you these next steps are very important. Please follow these as closely as possible

  • Connect and engage with one another
  • Build relationships with one another
  • Go outside your comfort zone


To Show

Step 3 is the most important of them all! We want to make sure you follow this step through out the entire process even if it is the last step.

  • Have FUN
  • Build relationships 

Getting Started


In worship we offer God our praise, we listen for God's instruction, and we receive God’s love in grace.  Through music, prayer, reading, and meditation we discover how the work of Jesus frees us from past pain and gives us power to face current struggles.  Come celebrate God’s goodness in worship, a place to release burdens, express joy, and the discover who you were meant to be.  

Pizza with the Pastor

The next step in your journey.  Join us for lunch and a chance to meet the church staff.  Learn more about what Sellersburg UMC is doing to help folks TO KNOW Jesus frees, TO GROW in relationships that matter and TO SHOW that love works. 



God is seking you out for a new relationship.  Jesus wants to begin a lifelong journey with you.  Discover what faith, freedom, church community, and loving service is all about.   This short-term course is to the place to begin in your faith journey.

Discipleship 101

Everyone can grow in their love of God and care for other people.  This foundational class is for individuals who want to know more about following Jesus.  This is the the place to learn about the Discipleship Pathway.  The class will introduce Methodist beliefs and history, spritual practices and gifts, and lead towards a decision to join the church.  Come and discover your personal pathway with Jesus Christ.

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