New Here?

Welcome.!!  Visiting a church for the first time can be daunting.  You may have questions about what to expect when you arrive.  We hope the information here will help you upon your first visit.  Our goal is to give everyone a warm welcome and make your visit a blessing.  

Getting Started


In worship we offer God our praise, we listen for God's instruction, and we receive God’s love in grace.  Through music, prayer, reading, and meditation we discover how the work of Jesus frees us from past pain and gives us power to face current struggles.  Come celebrate God’s goodness in worship, a place to release burdens, express joy, and the discover who you were meant to be.  


God is seking you out for a new relationship.  Jesus wants to begin a lifelong journey with you.  Discover what faith, freedom, church community, and loving service is all about.   This short-term course is to the place to begin in your faith journey.