Sunday School

Sunday School classes are one great option of small groups at Sellersburg United Methodist

that help church members grow in faith and meet the vision of becoming a place where Relationships Matter.  

The Pilgrims Class

The Pilgrims Sunday School class was formed in 1961 by Pastor Taylor’s wife, Mildred. At that time, most members were single adults and of college age.  Mildred fostered the members’ interest in the Bible and planned fellowship activities.   Wilma Miller was also an influential teacher for the class.  She challenged members in their personal growth, planned outings and was a wonderful influence.


The current teacher, Janet Werle, began teaching the class in the late 1980s.  Janet helps the class to strive to Know God, Grow spiritually and Show others the love of Jesus Christ.  In the past, the Pilgrims have studied The Gospels, the letters of Paul, a video series of the New Testament from the Great Courses.


Our Outreach projects include adopting angels from the Christmas Angel tree, purchasing Bible or Devotional books for confirmands, collecting gifts or financial support for local families in need, supporting UMCOR, Heifer projects, and the Helping Hand Outreach Fund.


Our class prays for church members, friends and family members in illness and trials,

celebrate with them in good times, and send cards of support frequently. We’ve grown close and support each other.



Firm Foundations

The Firm Foundation Sunday School Class was created by Rev. John Abbott in the early 2000's as a class to help develop a more clear understanding of the Scriptures.   
This class was continued through Pastor Hansen and Pastor Neuen's leadership. 


It is currently under the leadership of JR Snow who teaches the weekly lessons.  The class meets in the back half of Fellowship Hall and is looking to grow.  All are welcome. The small group averages 10 in attendance.  We start and end with prayer; we are like a family within a family. 


We support missions global, national, community, and SUMC.  It is one thing to read the Bible; it is another thing to hear it being read and explained.  Once again, all are welcome to join us.

Footprints Class

The Footprints Sunday School Class is a diverse group of believers: single and married; male and female; twenty somethings to sixty somethings.  We have been studying the books of the New Testament.   The class received its name from the group as a common affirmation that God carries us through many rough spots.


The Core Beliefs of the Foot Prints Sunday School Class include: 


  • We believe that everyone must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  
  • We believe that all believers travel at their own speed, some slow, some fast. We believe everyone is to be treated with respect. No one is ever put “on the spot.”
  • We believe in the Priesthood of Believers, where each believer is responsible for his own relationship with Jesus Christ based upon their belief and understanding of God’s written word, the Holy Bible
  • We believe in missional giving and support a variety of missions including: Jesus Cares at Exit 0, New Life International, Campus Crusade for Christ, Go with God Global, Salvation Army Angel Tree, SUMC Children and Youth programs, and SUMC Helping Hands. 


Testimonials from the Class

"This group is open and lively."


"We support each other in Christian love."


"The class is well-established friendly and welcoming. The Scripture is reviewed informally, but thoroughly."


"The class is a lot of people coming together to learn; very informative; very thorough; and friendly."


"The class is marvelous, soul searching and Christ-centered."


"We really are a diversified class of adults, who share love for Christ with each other, and our life experiences."


We are a family to each other, giving each other practical, emotional, and prayer "support.  We love to give and to serve."