“What is Alpha?”


Jesus says that I am the Alpha and the Omega (or the beginning and the end). The Alpha program is the beginning.   It is the beginning or starting place of our Christian faith.


Alpha teaches Christianity 101. It teaches the basics of Christianity. This is for people who have NO knowledge of Jesus, the Bible, or Church. It is for those who have some knowledge, but want to brush-up. No question is too simple or too hostile.


The program is Informal. You will NOT be pressured in any way. No one will be “put on the spot.”  

You grow at your own pace.


Who should attend Alpha?


Wide variety of people!

Un-churched friends, neighbors, co-workers of church family.

Those wanting to investigate Christianity for the first time.

Those who have never been to church before.

New Christians.

Those who feel that they have never really got going as a Christian.

Newcomers to church.

Those who want to "brush-up" on basics.


Some of the Topics covered, include:


Why am I here?

Who is Jesus?

Why Did Jesus Die?

How Can I Be Sure of my Faith?

Why and How should I Pray?

How Does God Guide Us?

How Can I Resist Evil?


What Happens typically at the weekly Alpha Meeting?


Alpha is a 10-week program with 15 sessions.  


Dates of the Program?


The next Alpha Class will begin in Fall, 2016


It’s Free

The meal is free. 

The study materials are free.  

Child care is free.


Contact Us


If you may be interested in the next Alpha Class please call the Church Office at    

812-246-2502 or e-mail the church at


If you want to know more about Alpha, visit their web site at



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